Reflecting at dusk

At day’s end when golden rays slide silently into shadow
running through the shorter colours of the rainbow
while sun’s bright disk is swallowed by dark waves
I wonder, what did I achieve today?

Unlike dawn with her sacred dazzling promise
of a brand new day and a fresh clean start
another tiny chapter of life has closed
one more page has turned, waves
washing over sand, erasing.

I sit on the sun-worn steps
gazing out at the ocean
her timeless waves
her heart beating
and wonder
what might

Image credit: Kenrick Mills @Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #99 photo prompt.

The image shows a view of the setting sun over a body of water. In the foreground, you can see wooden steps leading into the water. Grey clouds are drifting in the sky.

Love Story

It was love
at first sight
blood rushed
to my head
I sidled up
she looked away
modest, not brazen
I ’specially
liked that
about her.

I teased her
just a little
so street-wise
then cooing
sweet nothings
tiny titbits
’til one day
she accepted.

Now and
she is
the love
of my life.*

Image credit: Jonah Pettrich @Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #98 photo prompt.

The image shows a pair of lovebirds sitting together and cuddling with each other.

*Love Birds are native to Africa and they do mate for life!

On a Roll of the Dice

The wheel spins
which one will win?
how much has each invested?
This week’s wage
a watch, a car?
Too much, for sure
don’t doubt it.
The stakes are high
their dreams are huge
the risk of loss is greater.
Don’t bet your life
on the draw of a card
for only the house
always wins.

Image credit: B P Miller @Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #97 photo prompt.

The image shows three men, one covering his eyes, the other covering his ears and the last one covering his mouth with their hands.

Sisters unite!

Come with me, my sister
put your hand in mine
share your joys
share your sorrows
’til tears and laughter
coat our cheeks.

Come with me, my sisters
together we are strong
unite in hope
unite in courage
join hands together
across the world.

Image credit: Gemma Chua–Tran @Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #96 photo prompt.

The image shows four women standing together and laughing. They all are from different ethnicities.

Treasure Island

He’s sailed around the seven seas
with plumed hat, sword and swagger
he’s crossed the oceans, plumbed the depths
in search of golden treasure.

Hail me hearties, brave and true
he stands with dagger raised
as maidens swoon and young men cheer
he doffs his hat to all.

Now stranded on a distant shore
on an island far away
the last man of his crew alive
he scans the seas each day.

But finally, a ship appears
the Captain’s surely saved
with heaps of gold and strings of pearls
there’s much he has to offer.

Once more he sails across the seas
with plumed hat, sword and dagger
and rues the day he set a course
for Blackbeard’s Isle of Treasure.

Image credit: Tumisu @ Pixabay

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #95 photo prompt.

The image shows a pirate with treasure chest on one open page of a book and a ship on the other. Random alphabets are scattered in the space in between..

Last Gasp

Insides flaming
throat burning
lungs pounding
clinging on.

Guts heaving
mouth screaming
chest thumping
hanging on.

Dawn’s breaking
heads shaking
surprised she survived
the endless night.

Fingers clawing
rasping, gasping
body stiffens…

her dragon roars
no more.

Image credit: Sean Thomas @ Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #94 photo prompt.

The image shows shows a huge stone dragon on top of a building.

Our verdant bower

Come, join hands
let’s walk together
our hushed feet will fall softly
on verdant ground
pause by the sapphire stream
listen to lush sounds
murmuring water
rustling leaves
bird song, insects whirring
breathe in, breathe deeply
scents of the earth
fragrance of flowers
close your eyes
breathe in, breathe out
taste the emerald air
feel the dappled golden sun
warming your face
here, safe, embraced
enfolded by nature
let us share our stories
in our woodland bower.

Image credit: Shane Rounce Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #93 photo prompt.

The image shows shows a tree trunk. We can see hands placed next to each other along the length of the tree trunk. The hands belong to people of different race, age, and gender.


far from the cares
of everyday life
away from the sorrows
away from the strife
sitting together
on a distant shore
watching the tide
washing in
washing out
as the sun descends
and the stars appear
breathing in
breathing out
being mindful
just being

Image credit: Yulia Matvienko

A quadrille, written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #92 photo prompt.

The image shows two lego mini-figures sitting on pavement. Batman has an ice cone and Superman has an ice lolly!

Dripping Poison

Dark times
was it planned?

Malice aforethought
not sleight of hand.

People gather on the streets
a bottle’s thrown
petrol flares…

Shelves are cleared
bags are stuffed
snatch a shopping cart
fill it to the brim
seize a hi-fi
grapple with a fridge
snatch another shopping cart
come back for more!

Grab your phone
tell your friends
the shelves aren’t empty yet
and not a cop in sight…

We might pick up the pieces
we might mend fences
but it’s going to be
a long

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #91 photo prompt.

The image shows a bust of a man. A dark thick liquid is being poured on it.

Important note: this poem was written from the photo prompt. The fact that it shows a dark liquid being poured on a white figure should not be taken as a representation of the violence that has occurred here in South Africa. The victims of the violence are primarily Black African-owned small businesses whose shops have been destroyed in shopping centres and malls, and the staff who work in the big retail outlets there.

kaleidoscope girl

brazen beauty strutting on the stage
taunting, teasing, technicolour dreams
reaching for the bright lights
looking for the wrong types
see me, touch me, feel me
take me, make me yours

drenched in glitz and glamour
splayed legs go on forever
shiny skin, huge black eyes
lips that shine and pout
beat thumping, heart racing
she can never give enough

falling, sprawling
every night another bed
white lines, liquid gold
rolling in the sultry dark
waking, shaking
dress torn and lipstick smeared

it happened once too often

star winked out

peel her from your wall
fold her up
and put her
in your pocket.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #90 photo prompt.

Image credit: Sean Robertson @Unsplash
The image shows a painting of a woman on a wall. There are words scribbled on the sides of the wall art and people have drawn on the face too.