How to Protect Against Plagiarism If You Post Fiction Online

A very important issue. Some useful guidance for those of you who like me are posting their work online.

A Writer's Path

by Sarah Pesce

Let me start this off by saying plagiarists are the WORST.

Unfortunately, plagiarism is made easier than ever with self-publishing these days. If you post your work online – on fanfic forums, on Wattpad, on critique sites, on your own website, etc. – you run the risk of that work being stolen and put up for sale as an ebook, with someone else potentially making money off of your labour.

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Philip Pullman: ‘My Writing Day’

I came across this article written by the wonderful author, Philip Pullman. I found it very entertaining. It’s mostly about his writing space. Interesting. What’s yours like?

Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

Philip Pullman interview lunaslonline

Philip Pullman: ‘I use coloured pencils to show which key I’m writing in – D minor, at the moment’

The author on the importance of desk height, watching birds and Myriorama cards

I get to my desk (in a very small room at the top of the house) at about 10, and fiddle about with the height of the desk and the chair until I’m comfortable. I have a desk that I can raise or lower according to the state of my aching back. Sometimes I stand at it, and sometimes I have it high up to write at, and sometimes a bit lower to type.

The desk is covered by an ancient kilim, because it looks nice, but that’s not a good surface to write on, so I have one of those green safety cutting mats to support the paper I use, which is A4 narrow lined, with two holes. I love the shape of the A paper sizes. It’s the only one of Andrea Palladios recommended architectural shapes (the ratios of room length to width, and so on) that contains an irrational number, in this case the ratio of one to the square root of two. Very handy for illustrating Pythagoras’s famous theorem, in fact.

Nearby is a basket full of coloured pencils, including some of the best of all, the Berol Karisma range, now unfortunately discontinued. For each book I write, the paper is authorised for writing on by means of a coloured stripe along the top edge. I fan the sheets out and colour a stack at a time. The current book is a warm blend of Karisma Pumpkin Orange and Faber Castell Venetian Red. I sometimes think I should make it clear which key I’m writing a particular passage in – D minor, at the moment – but that would be silly, unlike colouring the pages, which makes perfect sense.

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The writer returns

animals on the road lunasonline
Downtown Maun, Botswana

Only last week I asked the question: “Do writers really go on holiday?”

Well, just one week away ‘in the bush’ (well, not quite), and my head is spinning with ideas. Nothing concrete just yet, although I have a host of notes in my little black notebook.

I’ve been wonderfully distracted on my return today by all the stories which my writer friends have been posting while I’ve been away: you are so prolific! And, of course, I just had to stop to read some of these awesome posts. Oh, and do some paid work for my website and social media clients.

Normal service should be resumed next week…plus I mustn’t neglect the work-in-progress novel.

Time Waster!


Okay, so I’ve spent too much time NOT writing today. I’ve been prevaricating; engaging in displacement activity.

But, I came across a nice little time waster on this rather wonderful writer’s site: CONSTANT LEARNER and of course I couldn’t resist!

Okay, it’s a marketing ploy, and maybe you’ve seen it before.  If you haven’t, this is what the ‘I Write Like’ site says about itself.

And, well, well, it seems: 

Also like Margaret Atwood and Charles Dickens, depending on the text I entered.
I’m honoured. And obviously inconsistent.

Oh, and if you ‘analyse’ this post it’s: Stephenie Meyer!

Click on the box above if you want to try. But don’t spend the whole day on it!
Or don’t blame me if you do.

I’d love to hear your results…(can I tempt you…?).