Remembering how it used to be…

She stands on the hot, hard pavement, inhaling the ozone-laden breeze. Her eyes feast on the tempting glint of lapping waves breaking gently on the crescent of white sand, which circles the foot of the flat-topped mountain rising from the shining city by the sea.

Here in the city, where two oceans meet at the southern-most tip of the continent, she remembers all the summers when the whole world, it seemed, flocked to the beaches where they bathed and frolicked in the clear blue water.

The beaches are empty now.

An army truck rumbles past.

To keep it that way.

Image credit: Laurette van der Merwe

Written in response to two challenges:

Di of Pensitivity101‘s Three Things Challenge – CRESCENT, WORLD, BATHED

Denise Farley of GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt – OCEAN

The Hungry Mouse

The image shows a tiny mouse sitting in a wicker basket. There are a couple of grocery lists and some dry pantry items in the background.

In the world of plenty
a few crumbs falling
from the rich man’s table
is enough to sustain
a little hungry mouse.

Few crumbs fall
in the hidden world of shanty towns,
and now-idle factories;
gold mines and coal mines,
and drought-stricken farms.

You bemoan the closure of
your favourite restaurant
the theatres and the bars;
all the absent opportunities
for late night fun.

While the poor child huddles hungry
in his weeping mother’s lap,
you watch Netflix munching popcorn;
playing pointless games
on your fancy flashy phone.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #39 photo prompt.
Image credit: S Hermann and F Richter on Pixabay

A Poem for the Not Wedding

figures on a wedding cake by Tom the Photographer on Unsplash

for Mark and Cat whose wedding would have been tomorrow
but will instead be another day

We’re sorry that lockdown has got in the way

of the planned celebration for your special day.

No feasting or speeches or exchanging of rings,

but thoughts and good wishes and virtual things.

toast 1

Raising our glasses to you as is the fashion,

just a sip or two since our booze is on ration,

to toast to the future when, come what may,

you’ll have a good one, despite the delay!


Photo credit:  Tom the Photographer on Unsplash and