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I’m a homeworker, so it’s not unusual to find me in my pyjamas! I do freelance work: creating websites and content, managing social media, copy-writing, editing and proof-reading. Working from home with ‘remote’ clients works well for me. By the way, I’m open to taking on new clients just now. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

I write fiction when I’m not busy with clients’ work. So far I have published one novel, “The Silver Locket”, under pen name, Holly Atkins, and a collection of short stories entitled, “A Sextet of Shorts”.

My second novel, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is now a fully evolved manuscript. It’s not about football, but it is set in Liverpool. It will be coming out in a few months’ time.

I (almost) finished the draft of a novella for children during NaNoWriMO in 2018. This is my new work in progress, working title: ‘A Nick in Time’. I’m publishing a more polished version of each chapter once a week here, if you’d like to read along.

I love to write short fiction pieces. These are my stories which I add to week by week, sometimes from someone’s writing prompt, or a piece of artwork, or maybe something topical which I’ve seen or read. It’s important to keep all the writing muscles flexed!

Also, occasional posts about the writing process: pieces which I’ve found interesting or inspiring in my writing journey, or something I’ve learned or thought about which other writers might find useful. And if a fiction piece tickles me, I’ll re-blog that too. It’s good to share.

I read a lot. Check out my reviews on Goodreads (see the side bar). You’ll see I like to support fellow indie authors; there’s some wonderful work out there!

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