You still have to sell!

Writers, we love to write, don’t we? That’s the best, even if NaNoWriMo can make us a little jittery (I know I had a wobble last week). But if you’re a writer, or an artist or creative of any kind, you know how wonderful it feels to be in the zone.

The converse of this: you still have to sell. 

For indie authors, it’s all down to us.

This is why friend and fellow author, Paul English and I were selling our books at the local car boot sale last Saturday. My husband Cliff was there too with his some of his lovely artworks. He’s a very important member of the team as he has the transport (that’s his bakkie in the background) and the tables and the all-important awning were borrowed from his school.

I have to tell you, it was not a great success. I sold a copy of ‘The Silver Locket’ very early on, but that was it! No other sales of anything! A couple of sniffs… and a couple of people said they’d come back next time. And there will be a next time, in two weeks.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a lovely book for a Christmas present?

Ah well, there’s always next time.

Meanwhile I’m planning some Black Friday and holiday offers – stay tuned out there!

24 thoughts on “You still have to sell!

      • I think the answer in today’s world Chris is as in IS to do different things – we are overwhelmed with so much information daily that we don’t know what to do first – so when something different happens and the information is delivered differently to the norm, we tend to listen – so who knows perhaps you might have something there?

        How about having severa people read your poetry, different ways, then record them and have your poetry being played during the sale – thereofre it displays that many people read your literature but each person’s interpretation is different to the next – because that is the beauty of poetry – ‘reflection’ 🙂

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          • Hey Chris – pleasure – it is your idea – l just tweaked it – but more important would be if it makes a difference to your sales . As you say and l agree -poetry is better received when heard – l write a lot of rhyming poetry and because of the very nature of the style it is written – it can be read several ways – l have heard some of my own stuff read out by different people and each time can be different and very pleasing 🙂

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