Welcome to Luna’s on line

I write fiction in my spare time. So far I have published one novel, “The Silver Locket”, under pen name, Holly Atkins, and a collection of short stories entitled, “A Sextet of Shorts”.

I’m currently working on my second novel, entitled “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. It’s not about football, but it is set in Liverpool! I’m posting a chapter at a time of my draft as I slowly work through it. Check it out here. Make a comment if you’d like.

I’m a homeworker, so it’s not unusual to find me in my pyjamas! I do a bit of freelancing: website content, managing social media, copy-writing, editing and proof-reading. Working from home with ‘remote’ clients and works well for me. By the way, I’m open to taking on new clients just now if you’re interested!

So what else am I busy with?

Well, there is my Flash Fiction collection, which I’m gradually adding to: each Friday I aim to post a new piece: ‘#Friday #Flash-fiction’ time. You’ll find it as a new blog and on some of the usual social media culprits (see the side bar on the right).

Also posts, mainly re-blogged, about the writing process: pieces which I’ve found interesting or inspiring in my writing journey. And if a fiction piece tickles me, I’ll re-blog that too. It’s good to share.

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January 2018

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